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In this episode I summarise the Las Vegas Live Letter 2014, which happened on the 19th October 2014 at the Las Vegas Final Fantasy XIV Fan Festival.

I did my best to capture as many screenshots as possible and the questions and content as follows:
Final Coil of Bahamut:
1) No token armor system yet, maybe in future.
2) No weekly lock out so you can help friends with multiple runs planned for Patch 2.45 or Patch 2.5.
3) 4 Turns in the Final Coil of Bahamut
4) Gear available at launch of Patch 2.4 is enough to clear Final Coil of Bahamut Turn 1
5) Coil themed mount or minions in future as possibility, but not yet.
6) No Alliance Raid for Bahamut Coil, but last section of Crystal Tower coming in Patch 2.5 and more Alliance Raids being added in the expansion.

1) Typhon and Ultros Battle
2) 8 Arm Gilgamesh fight in Patch 2.5, designed to be accessible for all players not just high end raiders.
3) Hildibrand current quest line will end in Patch 2.5, will add more in expansion if the players want it.
4) Hildibrands mother will eventually make an appearance.

Item Level & New Allagan Tomestone:
1) New tomestone called Allagan Tomestone of Poetics
2) Mythology will be phased out and converted to Soldiery, Philosophy will be removed permanently.
3) New tomestone to buy new gear that is upgraded later equivalent to soldiery gear now.
4) New high level gear for disciples land and hand planned for Patch 2.45, which will be easier to get to be more accessible for new players. New advanced gear for max crafters.

1) Double houses available
2) Every ward will have extra ‘subdivision’ ward offering the additional 30 housing plots for purchase at start of Patch 2.4.

1) 30 Rogue and 15 Pugilist required to unlock Ninja. Can also use cross class abilities from Lancer.
2) Will share Monk gear until Patch 2.3, and new gear made specifically for Ninja after.
3) Relic Ninja weapon added.
4) Primary Stat DEX (might need confirmation).

General Questions:
1) Ugri will not yet reveal her face as she is the new race.
2) Eternal Bond system will be registered through Lodestone. Players given bracelet so they can talk to in game NPC to organise ceremony and send out invitations to friends and FC members. Rings and rewards given after ceremony. Various outfits available for ceremony to be shown later.
3) Atma drop rate more than doubled in Patch 2.4.
4) Trial of the Braves books price decreased as will be purchased with Soldiery not Mythology.
5) Abilities will not go on cool down when changing class next to Aethryte to be added in.
6) AoE Stoneskin at start of fight to be added.
7) Chocobo Barding with Free Company crest to be added later.
8) Dye Allagan gear to be added later.
9) Extreme Primal Mounts and Leviathan Mirror drop rates increased in Patch 2.4
10) Second Coil available Duty Finder, Echo Buff and nerfs to be applied with time.

1) Chocobo Breeding and Chocobo Racing to be added.
2) Gold Saucer added in Patch 2.5 “Part 2”
3) Optional Item sales including unlimited fantasias, vanity seasonal gear, minions and Odin mount. No pay to win items to sell.
4) PvP Rank increased and new rewards in Patch 2.4. Patch 2.5 will introduce new maps and areas for PvP.

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This is a let’s play series showing my own experience through Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. Any feedback or comments are greatly appreciated.

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